Let me introduce myself. My name is Brenna Nance, MD, and I am one of the principal owners of CityDoc Urgent Care Centers in Dallas-Fort Worth. I am an African American woman born in 1966 in Mobile, Alabama. My great grandparents died when I was 20, and they clearly remembered their grandparents, who were slaves from Ghana and Nigeria. CityDoc and the DreamThanks to various opportunities, in 7 generations, my family was able to rise from slaves to contractors, educators, and health professionals. However, the road has not been easy. My parents were raised in the segregated South, and would have struggled to obtain an education had it not been for the founding of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). CityDoc and the Dream   I was 15 when my father served on the team of civic leaders and educators who orchestrated the desegregation of the St. Louis, Missouri public schools in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I remember being shocked that, more than a decade after the height of the civil rights movement, racial segregation still existed in so many cities in the United States, and overcoming it was still such a struggle. CityDoc and the Dream Mothers of African American sons will describe conversations that we have with our young sons about interactions with law enforcement officials. We warn them about the very real possibility that a routine traffic stop could result in their death, to always keep their hands where they can be seen, and not to get into verbal confrontations. The fact that these conversations are still necessary shows that the fight for civil rights is still ongoing. My business, CityDoc, is part of a rich and diverse community, in terms of ownership, staff, and the people we care for. I am struck by the support of the people. During the Coronavirus pandemic, CityDoc have seen an outpouring of encouragement from the community. CityDoc has remained open and ready to serve during the pandemic and during the protests. We have enjoyed the support of our patrons, both those who knew that the business is minority-owned, and those who did not. I am grateful for the communities that have welcomed CityDoc and sought out our expertise and have chosen CityDoc as their preferred health care provider.   I hope that Americans will continue to protest injustice and support minority-owned businesses. As a mother of four children, I embrace Martin Luther King’s dream:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their, skin but by the content of their character.” 

  I unity with the amazing black business owners of our community, we wanted to share some local black-owned businesses.    



D Daiquiri Bar and Grill 2707 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75215 Facebook Rudy’s Chicken 3115 S Lancaster Rd, Dallas, TX 75216 Facebook Sweet Georgia Brown 2840 E Ledbetter Dr Dallas, Texas 75216 @sweetgeorgiabrown_homecooking Facebook Record’s Barbeque 2405 S Lancaster Rd Dallas, Texas 75216 Facebook Sankofa Kitchen 3333 W. Camp Wisdom Rd #118 Dallas, Texas 75237 @sankofa_kitchen Facebook South Dallas Cafe 7035 Marvin D Love Fwy Dallas, Texas 75237 @southdallascaferedbird Facebook Da Munchies 4121 North Westmoreland Road Dallas, Texas 75212 @damunchiesdfw Facebook Whiskers Fish & Burgers 1702 Singleton Blvd Dallas, Tx 75212 Facebook Cake Bar Trinity Groves 3011 Gulden Lane #117 Dallas, Texas 75212 @cakebartrinitygroves Facebook V-Eats 3011 Gulden Lane #102 Dallas, Texas 75212 @veatsdallas Facebook Hall’s Honey Fried Chicken 1407 MEDICAL DISTRICT DR, DALLAS, TX 75207 @hhfc_md Desta Ethiopian 12101 Greenville Ave, STE 105 Dallas, Texas 75243 @destarestaurantdallas Facebook Smokey John’s BBQ 1820 W Mockingbird Lane Dallas, Texas 75235 @smokeyjohnsbbq Facebook TX BBQ & Burgers Northwest Dallas Takeout Facebook Kendall Karsen’s Upscale Soul Food Oak Cliff Takeout @kendallkarsensupscale Facebook Invasions 4029 Crutcher St Dallas, Texas 75246 @eatinvasions Facebook Funnel Cake Paradise 4353 Gannon ln, #114 Dallas, Texas 75237 Facebook Shoals Sound and Service 2614 Elm St, STE 110 Dallas, Texas 75226 @shoalsdeepellum Facebook Avery’s Savory Popcorn 1001 Ross Ave, Suite 102 Dallas, Texas 75202 @averysavorypopcorn Facebook Fluellen Cupcakes 1408 Elm St Dallas, Texas 75202 @fluellencupcakes Facebook BurgerIM 1722 N. Market Street Dallas, Texas 75202 @burgerim_westend Facebook 


Joy Promotions, Inc. 8787 N. Stemmons Frwy #220 Dallas, TX 75247 Gabe Jade @gabe.jade Indigo 1745 370 W 7th Street Dallas, Tx 75208 @indigo1745 Olphactory Candles @olphactorycandles Taylor and Tess – CBD Skincare 5706 E. Mockingbird Lane #115-13 Dallas, TX 75206 @taylorandtess

Fort Worth


Angie’s Bikkles Caribbean Restaurant 5601 Basswood Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76137 Facebook BigBoyz Pit Smoked BBQ 6513 Brentwood Stair Rd Fort Worth, TX 76112 Facebook Black Coffee 1417 Vaughn Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76105 @blackcoffeefw Facebook Carpenter’s Catering Services 1116 Pennsylvania Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 @carpscafencatering Facebook Chef Ches’ Kitchen Express 6101 E Rosedale St Fort Worth, TX 76112 Facebook Cinnaholics 817 Currie St Fort Worth, TX 76107 @cinnaholic.fortworth Facebook Creative Cuisines Catering @creativecuisinescatering Facebook Daiquiri Daddi Cafe 6220 Hulen Bend Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76132 Facebook Desirable Cakez @desirablecakez Facebook Dough Boy Donuts 4910 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107 @doughboydonuts Facebook Down Home Southern Kitchen 6256 McCart Ave Fort Worth, TX 76131 @DownHomeSK Facebook Drew’s 5701 Curzon Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76107 Facebook Good Luck BBQ 950 W Rosedale St Fort Worth, TX 76104 Facebook H & J Hamburgers 4502 Miller Ave Fort Worth, TX 76119 Facebook John Carter’s Place 5309 E Lancaster Ave Fort Worth, TX 76112 Facebook Jubes Smokehouse 1900 S Edgewood Terrace Fort Worth, TX 76105 Facebook Kelvona’s Kake Kreations @kelvonaskakekreations Facebook Loft22 Cakes 106 E Daggett Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 @loft22cakes Facebook Mama E’s B-B-Q 818 E Rosedale St Fort Worth, TX 76104 Facebook Nana’s Kitchen 7403 John T White Rd Fort Worth, TX 76120 Facebook OMG Cakes & Southern Best Catering LLC Facebook OOOWWWEEE Wangz N Catfish 3951 Sycamore School Rd #117 Fort Worth, TX 76133 Facebook Ri’s Treats Facebook Robinsons BBQ 1021 E Berry St Fort Worth, TX 76110 Facebook Samson’s Market and Bistro 4307 Camp Bowie Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76107 Facebook Sims Kinfolk Catering 5701 Crowley Rd Fort Worth, Texas 76134 Facebook Smoke-a-holics 1417 Evans Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 @smokeaholicsbbq Facebook Southern Classic Daiquiri Factory 6751 Bridge St Fort Worth, TX 76112 @daiquirifactory Facebook Stormie Monday’s 3509 E Berry St Fort Worth, TX 76105 Facebook Tastebuds Eatery 7674 McCart Ave Fort Worth, TX 76133 @tastebudseatery Facebook Tastebuds Live 709 E Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX 76120 @tastebudslivefortworth Facebook The Boardroom Whisky and Cigar Lounge 1708 8th Ave Fort Worth, TX 76110 Facebook The Sausage Shop 3329 Altamesa Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76133 Facebook Wilson’s BBQ 6513 Brentwood Stair Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76112 @bbqwilsons Facebook