Immediate Care Near Me

immediate care near meIf it’s after hours, but you or a family member need the assistance of a medical professional today, instead of searching on the internet for such phrases, as immediate care near me, there is an alternative solution by checking out City Doc Urgent Care for any medical procedures that require a doctor’s attention now. There is no reason to take the risk of waiting for an appointment with your primary care physician in the morning, because you never need an appointment to have one of our medical professionals care for you or a family member. We offer common sense medical attention that is extremely affordable and easy to understand. City Doc Urgent Care is the preferred method of obtaining the best medical care to be found, and is much more easily accessible than typing in phrases on the internet, such as immediate care near me. We have several locations within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and one is bound to be located within close proximity to your home. If you feel that you could benefit from a video visit, in lieu of physically coming into our facility, you can schedule this directly on our web site, and the price is extremely affordable. We realize that millions of Americans have no type of comprehensive health care insurance whatsoever. With this in mind, we offer extremely affordable prices, and an a-la-cart procedure system that benefits thousands of our valued patients. What this means, is that after your initial fee of only $100.00, we only charge for the services that you actually need, such as x-rays, medication injections, EKG’s, and lab work, along with several other tests that are only $25.00. It is our main objective that we provide compassionate and top rated medical care to all those who need it, whether you have health insurance, or not. Besides the important medical care that we consistently provide, we also have other beneficial services that you can take advantage of. We offer stop smoking classes, sleep disorder solutions, inoculations for children going to school, and even clinical trials, where you can receive the medical care that you need, at no charge to you. This is something that many of our patients care to participate in, because otherwise, they could not pay for these types of services and medications. You will also be compensated for your travel expenses, and for the time that you stay with us for your clinical trial. If you would like some additional information regarding any of these services and trials that we offer, instead of typing in key words, such as immediate care near me, City Doc Urgent Care would like to invite you to visit our web site. At, you can learn more about our medical services, our classes and our clinical trials that you may be interested in. Although an appointment is never necessary, we do invite you to make an one to come in, if you would care to. Please call us at 817.225.1840 for any immediate care information.     CityDoc Urgent Care Fort Worth 8179848687 3020 W 7th St 210, Fort Worth, TX 76107