Walk In Clinic Dallas

Walk In Clinic DallasIf you or a family member need to see a doctor for a medical emergency, such as an ear infection that won’t clear up on its own, or perhaps you have fallen and have possibly sprained or fractured a bone, visiting an emergency room can by extremely time consuming and significantly expensive. Although going to the ER is sometimes a necessity if your emergency has occurred late at night and there is no other alternative in seeking the medical assistance that you need immediately, there are other options that can save you valuable time and money. City Doc Urgent Care has extended evening and weekend hours and is the most affordable and trusted walk-in clinic in Dallas. City Doc Urgent Care is a full-service walk-in clinic in Dallas that has the best staff of medical professionals that can expertly care for you and your family’s medical emergencies. Because we are smaller and more personal like facility, we are able to provide you with one-on-one care that you would never be able to find within the hectic atmosphere of a more traditional emergency room. There is no need to make an appointment when you need to visit us, but you can if you would like to. Affordability is one of the main objectives that we continuously strive to maintain, as we realize that over 47 million Americans are without a comprehensive health insurance plan. Your initial visit with us is only $100.00, which is significantly less than any emergency room you would visit. Then, we provide an alternative method of how we provide our services to you. We have an easy to understand list of all of our prices that clearly show you exactly what to expect when you receive your final bill. There are never any hidden charges or fees, because we understand that this money will be coming out of your own pocket. If you are fortunate enough in having a health insurance plan, we accept several of the most well-known insurance providers and will bill them accordingly. There are several ailments that may not necessitate a visit to our clinic, but may instead be more appropriate for a video visit. Here, you will speak with one of our top-notch medical providers that will listen to your concerns, ask some questions, and then diagnose the situation and advise if any further treatment or a prescription is needed. If you would like some additional information regarding the benefits of visiting the very best walk-in clinic in Dallas, City Doc Urgent Care would like to invite you to visit our web site. At, you can learn more about all of the medical services that we can provide for you. You can schedule your video visit while you are here, and also save time by checking in on line before your visit. You can also simply call us at 817.225.1840 and ask one of our highly qualified medical staff members any questions that you may have.   CityDoc Urgent Care Fort Worth 8179848687 3020 W 7th St 210, Fort Worth, TX 76107