Walk In Clinic Fort Worth

Walk In Clinic DallasIf you or a member of your household is in need of medical care, but dread another trip to the emergency room where you can be sitting in the waiting room for literally hours, City Doc Urgent Care may have the solution for you. We offer affordable and timely medical care that is comparable to visiting a traditional emergency room, but with out the time consuming waiting list that you are too familiar with. We also provide the very best care, along with the best prices you can find in today’s medical care market. The next time you need immediate medical care, trust the most reliable and professional walk in clinic in Fort Worth to care for your needs. At City Doc Urgent Care, we are known for providing the most compassionate and quality medical care that you will provide comfort and relief from your sickness or injury at our walk in clinic in Fort Worth. Although we don’t treat life-threatening injuries or symptoms, we are still a full service health care clinic that can assist you with most types of maladies that you are experiencing. From headaches to earaches, along with sprains, fractures and everything else in between, we can alleviate your pain and have you feeling better in no time at all. For those who work normal day time hours, we offer extended service hours and we are open seven days a week. Our normal hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8AM to 8PM, and we are open from 10AM until 5PM on Sundays, for your convenience. When you need to see us, no appointment is ever necessary, as you are always welcome to just walk right in. We continuously strive in providing you with most convenient and easy solutions to your health care needs, and we feel that we offer the flexibility and affordability that you deserve. If you have a comprehensive health care insurance plan, there may not be any out of pocket cost for your visit and procedures. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans that don’t have an insurance plan, we offer the most cost-effective pricing guidelines that can be found. On our web site’s home page, you can check out the list that we have that clearly defines the prices of every procedure that we provide. Our medical services are based on an a-la-cart basis, meaning you only pay for the services and tests that you require. There are never any hidden fees or extra charges, as all of our costs are upfront and easy to understand. If you would like to receive additional information regarding the benefits of visiting the most trusted and well established walk in clinic in Fort Worth, City Doc Urgent Care would like to invite you to visit our web site. At, you can schedule a video visit, in lieu of coming down to our clinic. You can also schedule an appointment that will save you some time. You can also simply call us at 817.984.8687 and speak with one of our professional and friendly medical staff members.     CityDoc Urgent Care Fort Worth 8179848687 3020 W 7th St 210, Fort Worth, TX 76107