With many institution planning to reopen for the new academic year, parents and kids will need to get prepared. The thought of returning to school can feel overwhelming, but there are many practical steps that you can take to get yourself and your kids ready for whatever the future holds. Below, find tips that will help your family stay safe and stay on task as schools reopen.

Help Your Kids Prepare

Going back to school amid the pandemic might be stressful for both you and your children. Taking these steps can help alleviate your concerns.

  • Help your kids understand that new safety measures might be in place this year.
  • Take extra time to get your kids mentally prepared for the new school year.
  • Stock your kids’ backpacks with hand wipes or travel-sized hand sanitizer.
  • Spend some time sewing spare face masks so your kids can always have a clean one.
  • Review the symptoms of COVID-19 again, and what to do if someone gets sick.


Get Your Home Ready

Preparing your home for the new school year is just as important as getting your kids ready to go back. These tips can help you keep your home healthy and reduce the spread of infection.

  • Make a plan for doing laundry so you don’t get overwhelmed as the school year gears up.
  • Keep in mind that germs can hide anywhere in the home, even in places you think are clean.
  • Get your kids to help you clean so it doesn’t become too much work to do alone.
  • There are lots of natural cleaning products you can make yourself.


Develop a Good Routine

Cleaning your house and prepping your kids will help you get ready for the school year. But once classes actually start, you may find that everything takes longer with the extra safety measures in place. These tips can help you develop a plan for getting everything done on time.

Going back to school amid the pandemic might feel overwhelming at first. If your family is worried about staying safe, precautions like making extra face masks and developing a cleaning plan will help alleviate your concerns. And if you’re stressed about being able to get everything done, sticking to a routine will help everyone stay on the same page.



Written by Jenna Sherman at