Cold / Flu / Bronchitis / Pneumonia / Sinus Infections / Ear Infections

Cold / Flu / Bronchitis / Pneumonia / Sinus Infections / Ear Infections

The fall and winter months from October to February are the most common times for a common cold or the flu (influenza) to strike. However, you can catch a cold or experience allergy symptoms at any time of the year. Viruses and allergies are common causes of coughs and colds and do not require treatment with antibiotics. These illnesses are typically mild and resolve within 5-7 days without treatment.

Sinus infections, ear infections, strep throat, pneumonia, and bronchitis require immediate treatment with antibiotics. The flu requires immediate treatment with an antiviral flu medication that should be started within the first 48 hours after the onset of your symptoms.

Our experienced doctors and healthcare providers will ask detailed questions and perform an exam to determine the cause of your symptoms. They will offer a treatment plan that may include an antibiotic or antiviral flu medication, prescription cough suppressants, and over-the-counter medications that can be purchased at your local pharmacy.


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