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Have you ever injured yourself and wondered, “Do I need an x-ray?” Unfortunately, many people have. No worries, we are here to help. Our experienced doctors and staff at City Doc Urgent Care can assess your injury and determine if it needs an x-ray evaluation. There are many types of injuries that range from muscle or tendon strains to joint sprains and broken bones/fractures. Many times, minor injuries do not require x-ray imaging. Our doctors and mid-level providers will ask detailed questions and examine injured areas to determine if x-rays are needed. Our modern x-ray suites offer a private and comfortable setting where x-rays can be performed and reviewed with your provider. Broken bones and joint injuries can be treated in our clinic with splints, slings, or crutches and specialty orthopedic referrals given for follow-up care. Prescription pain medication may be prescribed if indicated for your type of injury. If the provider determines that you have a severe injury that requires emergency intervention, you will be referred to a local emergency room for further evaluation and treatment. Our doctors and staff can call ahead to notify the ER that you are coming.
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