Cash Pay Walk In

Visit City Doc when you’re looking for quality medical care from a cash pay walk in urgent care clinic. We can offer same-day Covid testing or urgent medical care with or without an appointment; cash payments make it more affordable and convenient for our patients. For all life-threatening injuries, visit the nearest Emergency Room- for all other issues, visit City Doc.

5 Reasons to Cash Pay in Our Walk-In Clinic

1. Cash payments for medical care at City Doc will end up costing you a lot less than private billing. If you’re able to pay out-of-pocket for your medical visit at the time when services are rendered, you’ll save money by eliminating the additional costs that red tape builds into check payments. Let us know at the time of your visit that you intend to pay cash at urgent care and you’ll pay the lowest amount for quality treatment from our specialists.

2. If you’re like a lot of our patients at City Doc who don’t like having a big medical bill hanging over their heads, you may want to consider how you can cash pay walk in services when you visit our urgent care center. Even if you have to take money out of savings to pay for treatment, you’ll save in the long run. Compare the costs of treatment at City Doc with other walk-in urgent care clinics near me and choose us whenever someone in your household needs affordable care from our medical team.

3. City Doc is one of the best cash walk-in urgent care facilities in your community. We calculate the costs of medical treatment at the time that you visit our facility and offer you a one-time cash payment discount that is not available through any other payment option. Paying cash on the same day as your visit will prevent you from having to make future payments on the cost of treatment.

4. The cost of urgent care can be significant; with cash pay walk in discounts from City Doc, you’ll know what you are expected to pay upfront- and you won’t have to worry about having to pay interest on those costs over time. Render payment after you or a family member receives care at City Doc to avoid receiving a bill in the mail.

5. One of the most commonly asked questions we receive at City Doc is, ‘Can I pay for urgent care with cash?’. While other clinics make cash payments difficult for their patients, our front desk staff does everything possible to simplify cash payments for patients.

Get the care you need for urgent medical situations at City Doc or request Covid testing in our walk-in clinic- then pay cash for the services you receive and you won’t have to deal with payment later on. When time allows, contact us to request an appointment or simply walk in to our clinic whenever we’re open for business and we will provide top-level medical care for you or someone in your household.

Cash Pay Walk In
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