Your best defense against influenza is a flu shot. Although getting a flu shot doesn’t always provide total protection, it’s definitely worth getting.

This year’s annual flu shot will offer protection against the H1N1 flu virus, in addition to two other influenza viruses that are expected to be in circulation this flu season. A vaccine that protects against four strains of the virus will also be available, as will a high-dose flu vaccine for adults age 65 and older.

Influenza is a respiratory infection that can cause serious complications, particularly to young children, older adults and people with certain medical conditions. Flu shots are the most effective way to prevent influenza and its complications. 

Here are some things to know about getting a flu shot:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that everyone 6 months of age or older be vaccinated annually against influenza.
  • It takes up to two weeks to build immunity after a flu shot, but you can benefit from the vaccine even if you don’t get it until after flu season starts.
  • New flu vaccines are released every year to keep up with rapidly adapting flu viruses.
  • Because flu viruses evolve so quickly, last year’s vaccine may not protect you from this year’s viruses.

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