Dallas, Texas – Millennials want convenience, whether that’s from their mechanic, retailer or health care provider, according to research by the Urgent Care Association. When it comes to the way they access healthcare, nearly half of millennials say they prefer on-demand healthcare options, such as urgent care. When it comes to their healthcare decisions, millennials are changing the way they access healthcare. In fact, 45% of 18- to 29-year-olds say they don’t have a primary care physician. Instead, they’re opting for on-demand healthcare options, such as urgent care and telemedicine services. Traditionally, individuals see their primary care physicians and build relationships with their doctors over time. However, for some millennials, having a primary care physician isn’t necessarily a priority. Convenience and access to care are the most important factors when it comes to their healthcare. Research published in JAMA Internal Medicine found the number of people treated at urgent care centers has more than doubled over the past eight years, while visits to primary care doctors and the emergency room for non-life threatening conditions are declining. With four locations serving Dallas and Fort Worth, CityDoc Urgent care provides comprehensive, convenient urgent care services. Open seven days a week with extended evening and weekend hours, CityDoc Urgent care clinics gladly accept walk-ins as no appointment is needed to see a healthcare provider. CityDoc’s Video Visit and Online Check-In services take convenience to the next level.